In My Fantasy, incl. DJ Spinna Mix

feat. DJ Spinna, Jask, Tom Moulton, Ezel, JKriv and Ethan White Mixes


Written by John-Christian Urich, Jason Kriveloff, and Ethan White (Big Tea Bag Productions ASCAP / JKRIV Music ASCAP / Easy Biz ASCAP)

Drums & Vocals: John-Christian Urich
Bass - JKriv
Keyboards - Ethan White
Guitar - Mark "Tewar" Tewarson

Mastering (All except 8-10): Emanuel Geller
Mastering (8-10): JKriv and Lou Teti

Tracks 1-3
Remixed by DJ Spinna
Drum Programming and Vocoder - Dj Spinna
Synths - Casey Benjamin
Mixed by DJ Spinna at the Thingamajig Lab, Brooklyn NY

Tracks 4 & 5
Remixed by Jask
Additional recordings at Cubanix Studios, FL
Final mixdowns recorded at Thaisoul Studios in Florida

Track 6
Remixed by Tom Moulton

Track 7
Remixed by Ezel for Esoteric Music
All Instruments by Ezel
Recorded, Mixed and Edited at The House of Spirits, New York.

Tracks 8-10
Remixed by JKriv
Mixed by JKriv & Lou Teti

Tracks 11 & 12
Remixed by Ethan White