Can’t Keep Rhythm From A Dancer


As the world's top DJs and EDM artists seek out fresh ways to bring live elements of their sounds to stage performances, Brooklyn's Tortured Soul are in a class of their own, an unparalleled high-energy live dance music act and unrelenting tour de force collective that redefines the nature of modern dance music artists.

For over a decade, the gifted NY-based trio has been spilling their retro disco-meets-soulful house fusion on the dance floors of live hot spots, nightclubs and music festivals across the globe, while creating legendary underground tracks that have appeared on countless compilations and gained them critical acclaim among an A-list of DJs and pioneering producers. Lead Singer, drummer and songwriter John-Christian Urich, along with his supporting soul brothers keyboardist Ethan White and bassist Jordan Scannella, are currently gearing up for their highly anticipated third album release, slated to drop later this year.

Fans of their organic sound have already been seduced with one of the album's lead singles, the provocative synth-embossed gem 'Dirty.' This summer, the three-piece dance outfit turns up the heat with 'Can't Keep Rhythm From a Dancer.' In the original version, the band lavishes in a hookfest jam of chic-schooled guitar riffs, euphoric synths and Luther Vandross up-tempo soul. Fans that are stimulated by Daft Punk's latest infusion of soul and live instrumentation in their music on tracks such as 'Lucky', will fully appreciate the intoxicating rhythms and modern dancefloor sensibility of this trio's latest release.

Independent Music Award winner and breakout indie deep house producer Miguel Migs of San Francisco supplies the song with three delicious tribal drummed dance mixes. The 'Salted Vocal' and 'Salted Dub' mixes are beat-savvy, decoratively spun with the utmost intention of sweating up the dance floor. The 'Stripped' version, inspired by the essence of New York nightlife, is a darker and grittier cut.

Fans of classic disco and deep house will thoroughly devour Tortured Soul's latest gem in their ever-evolving repertoire, and be left avidly pining for more.